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For Charlie:  We love you and we miss you.


Breakfast Sandwich

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My friend was lamenting the loss of a local eatery yesterday because she really liked a breakfast sandwich they served. I never tried the breakfast item (it wasn’t vegan), but it sounded really good and I knew I could veganize it. So with the sunshine streaming through my windows and Save the Moon streaming through my laptop this morning, I made breakfast. And it was good.

You’ll need:

(Use organic when possible.)

avocado, tomato, herb & garlic tofu, fresh spinach, whole grain bread, balsamic vinegar


Dry fry 1/2 inch slabs of tofu until golden on both sides. Slice tomato and avocado. Make toast. Toss spinach with balsamic. Assemble all ingredients.

Girl A Day: 2.17.11

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Girl A Day: 2.16.11

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Girl A Day: 2.15.11

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Again, not crazy about this one either; I rushed through it. I do really like drawing in my moleskin though. The texture of the paper is really nice.

Girl A Day: 2.14.11

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Missed a day: 2.13.11

Girl A Day: 2.12.11

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I’m not crazy about this one.