Why another blog?

I have lots of blogs. Or rather, I contribute to a lot of blogs. I started Spovegan as a way of spreading the Spokane vegan love, but have since moved my vegan-specific thoughts to the Spokane Vegans blog. I occasionally write about arts in Spokane on RiverSpeak.net. I also contribute to the Shrinking Violets blog. Nerdy Wordies is where my sister and I have fun with words and pictures. Finally, I also contribute to Sporadicus where we share all kinds of random awesomeness that Spokane has to offer.

Daily Archives though will be a place for me to share anything and everything. I plan to post links to recipes, craft ideas and cool travel destinations (like tree house hotels!) from around the interwebs that catch my attention as I browse various blogs, etc. I’ll also be sharing original ideas, recipes, photos and whatever else I just really want to put out there. This blog will be as much an outlet of personal expression as a virtual notebook of cool ideas and inspiration. It’s my daily archive of interesting thoughts, ideas and places. You don’t have to read it or even like it much, but it’d be cool if you did!


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