A Fowl Halloween

October 31, 2010 § Leave a comment


I found a couple of tutorials online for an owl costume and made up my mind pretty quickly what I wanted to be for Halloween. Both bloggers made the project sound quick and easy, but leave it to me to complicate an otherwise easy task. Instead of using a pillowcase or t-shirt, I used this $2 Goodwill dress as my base. I still think this was a good idea as I am a woman with hips and a pillowcase simply would not have fit me and a t-shirt would not have been long enough. I did use the “feather” template that Alphamom provided though. Mark that as a mistake.


The size of the feather was simply too small for what I was doing. Ultimately, I think it turned out great and the feathers don’t look too small, but seriously, those are a lot of effing feathers! I used two yards plus two fat quarters of fabric and had just enough to finish the dress. I invested at least 10 hours into this project––a project that I expected to take just a couple of hours to complete. The feathers were glued to the dress which proved to be an immense time saver. I really am happy with the results though and have received several compliments on the costume. Lessons learned: use bigger feathers and don’t wait until the last-minute.




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