A Fowl Halloween

October 31, 2010 § Leave a comment


I found a couple of tutorials online for an owl costume and made up my mind pretty quickly what I wanted to be for Halloween. Both bloggers made the project sound quick and easy, but leave it to me to complicate an otherwise easy task. Instead of using a pillowcase or t-shirt, I used this $2 Goodwill dress as my base. I still think this was a good idea as I am a woman with hips and a pillowcase simply would not have fit me and a t-shirt would not have been long enough. I did use the “feather” template that Alphamom provided though. Mark that as a mistake.


The size of the feather was simply too small for what I was doing. Ultimately, I think it turned out great and the feathers don’t look too small, but seriously, those are a lot of effing feathers! I used two yards plus two fat quarters of fabric and had just enough to finish the dress. I invested at least 10 hours into this project––a project that I expected to take just a couple of hours to complete. The feathers were glued to the dress which proved to be an immense time saver. I really am happy with the results though and have received several compliments on the costume. Lessons learned: use bigger feathers and don’t wait until the last-minute.





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Lorinda Knight

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When I heard that Lorinda Knight would be retiring and that her great gallery space on west Sprague would be empty for the foreseeable future, I was sad. After spending significant time in the gallery this past week for Kinetic and hearing that this lovely space will soon become a bar, I was quite disheartened. I really am going to miss the Lorinda Knight Gallery. I feel privileged to have witnessed the works of some of the many great artists Lorinda Knight exhibited over the years. I can’t imagine how difficult of a decision it must have been for Knight to pack up her collection of art and close the doors on this gallery. Spokane was blessed to have this great gallery and it will be missed.

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