July 8, 2010 § 3 Comments

My sister and I had an evening picnic at Fairmount Cemetery a couple of weeks ago. We stopped at the grocery store beforehand to get some food and the checker asked us what we had planned for the evening. When I explained our picnic plans to him, he made a comment about our outing being morbid and then joked about zombies.

Fairmount is the oldest cemetery in Spokane and it is huge. I mean really gigantic. We didn’t cover half of the sections on our visit. There are a lot of old and beautiful gravestones and the grounds are kept up nicely. I loved all the little wild flowers growing up amongst the graves.

We saw a young buck foraging for his dinner as we were walking along the path. There is so much life in that cemetery! We got plenty of mosquito bites too.

How much of light, how much of joy, is buried with our darling boy. I love the sweet and sad poem on this gravestone for a six-year-old boy.

I don’t think there’s anything morbid about visiting a cemetery. There is a lot of history and art in these old graveyards and an emphasis on life. Cemeteries are the places that the living go to remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones who have passed away. They are places of remembering. Even so, when I die, please don’t bury me in a graveyard.

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§ 3 Responses to Fairmount

  • A. says:

    Totally agree with you on the non-morbidity of cemetery visiting. Is Fairmont the one near Mukogawa-Ft. Wright? I’ve only visited part of it once due weather but I love it from a distance.

  • spovegan says:

    Yes, that’s the one! It’s the oldest cemetery in Spokane.

  • summer says:

    Hi, I was looking through your photos of the graveyards and was wondering if you had any copyrights on them. I’d like to use one if you don’t mind.

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